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Mar 20, 2011 9:00pm EDT
for eventualities that might include the use of force, including a no-fly zone or other measures to stop it -- to stop humanitarian catastrophe would require three steps and three tests to be met. demonstrable need, regional support, and a clear legal basis. first, demonstrable need -- gaddafi's regime has ignored the demand of the u.s. security council 1970, that it stop the violence against the libyan people. his forces have attacked peaceful protesters and are now preparing for a violent assault on a city a million people that have a history dating back to 0.5000 years. then become -- have begun airstrikes on what we expect to be air, land, and sea forces. every home will be searched and there will be no mercy and no petition on. if we want any sense of what that might mean, we only have to see in what happened to so we zawia. human rights watchers have catalogued the appalling human rights atrocities that are being committed. mr. speaker, that is the demonstrable need. we said there must be clear which of the people of libya and the wider region for international action. it was the p
Mar 21, 2011 12:00am EDT
for eventualities which might include the use of force, including a no fly zone or other measures to stop humanitarian catastrophe, would require three tests to be met. demonstrable need. regional support. and a clear legal basis. first, demonstrable need. gaddafi's regime has ignored the demand of the un security council in resolution 1970, that it stop the violence against the libyan people. his forces have attacked peaceful protesters, and are now preparing for a violent assault on a city of a million people that has a history dating back 2,500 years. benghazi. they have begun airstrikes in anticipation of what we expect to be a brutal attack using air, land and sea forces. gaddafi has publicly promised that every home will be searched and that there will be no mercy and no pity shown. if we want any sense of what that might mean we only have to look at what happened in zawiyah where tanks and heavy weaponry were used to smash through a heavily populated town with heavy loss of life. and we don't have to guess what happens when he has subdued a population. human rights watch have catal
Mar 16, 2011 7:00am EDT
, how long would it take us to replace it and where would we have to find that energy? >> i would have to look at the date and we would be perhaps -- perhaps the general can be more specific on where that would come from. >> general, maybe -- >> i would say -- i can address the specifics. the specifics are classified. that's okay. don't tell us anything classified. there are alternative sources in the pacific that we would leverage. there is the concern about above-ground facilities there. there's a resiliency effort going on. and i'm not over exact thyme period but to address some of the vulnerability issues we're going to have in this environment. so i think we are looking at that and looking at the actions we need to make to make those facilities better protected but i think also as described earlier we talked about this briefly in your office this morning. is it's more than just a single -- a single piece, a single system, you know, it's more than hardening. it's really as arc battle is attempting to address. it needs to address the end to end chain of operations so it's a complex
Mar 7, 2011 12:00am EST
cutting the budget, but he is testing those open protecting the budget. we are getting used to the prime minister's questions. we have seen its on housing on housing benefits. why don't we dump this policy and this one as well. why does he not reinstate [unintelligible] >> in a minute, he is going to give me a lesson on family loyalty. [laughter] >> let me say this to the gentleman. he comes here every week and says he opposes changes in the office and to the local government. in four weeks' time, his own cuts program comes into place. 14 billion pounds of cuts. starting in four weeks' time. we need to get off of this bandwagon. >> this is the guy that has made a career out of opportunism knocks. he was totally committed. if anyone suggested otherwise, it was an absolute disgrace. people know he has got it in his power to stop it from happening by reinforcing the nonsense. he is the prime minister. he may not look like it, but why don't you get a grip. >> what we are doing to the children in this country is we are funding education on both side. we are criticizing him for something that
Mar 23, 2011 7:00am EDT
's three great laws you should check them out but that's going on but how are you actually using the resources that are there? i know one of the barriers is security. concern about how much can we go into the network? so that's a tough problem. that i think is job 1 but there's a lot of advancements going on. and i would take a look at what the private sector is doing. not that we've got everything right or foolproof but we do have intense motivation to try to help solve this problem and we're working on it every day. a quick note again, vince surf, one of the true fathers of the internet is a googler. but he's also a national resource. he's in our office. he's also in dc a lot. he would beat me about head and shoulders if i didn't underscore ipv6 and how important that is for the transition. and i know there's a lot of ipv4 resources that are available to the government but one of the key points is about innovation. if we don't make that transition now and really push forward and figure out how can we kick the tires ourselves on u.s. systems and to really tap into the security b
Mar 6, 2011 9:00pm EST
capacity does that give us to respond to the urgency of our situation on the libyan border? parks i think my hon. friend makes a right point. i think it is right to keep increasing the aid budget and what is happening on the egyptian and a tunisian border with libya shows how important that decision is. there are serious indications of a great humanitarian crisis. some hundred 62,000 people have crossed the land border so far. we have sent technical teams to both orders. yesterday, we flew win people and blankets for 36,000 people. i can tell the house that, today, the u.k. operation to airlift several thousand people back to egypt with the first flight scheduled to leave the u.k. later today. these people should not be kept in transit. i am glad that britain can play such an important part in doing that. >> may i join the prime minister to intervene to private and dean hutchinson from nine regiment, the lot -- the royal logistical or and private robert wood from 7 to import an entire regiment, the religious discord? they both showed enormous her as an incursion in their service in afghan
Mar 30, 2011 7:00am EDT
the ceasefire is sill being breached and it's absolutely right for us to keep up our pressure under u.n. security council 1973. i can confirm to the house that the coalition took action yesterday against regime forces harassing civilian vessels trying to get into misurata and yesterday overnight the raf threw 24 sorties, tornado destroying artillery. he asked the question about arming the rebels i said about the house that we have to take care of the security relations. the arms embargo applies to the whole territory of libya. but at the same time it allows all necessary measures to protect civilians and civilian populated areas and our view this would not necessarily root out the provision of assistance to those protecting civilians in certain circumstances. so as i've told the house before we do not rule it out but we have not taken the decision to do so. >> ed miliband. >> well, can i thank the prime minister and i'm sure it will be given to his statement and can i thank his kind wishes and for my forthcoming wedding. i'm very much looking forward to him. i may be coming to him mr.
Mar 14, 2011 12:00am EDT
. can the prime minister tell us who authorizes the mission ending gauzy last week that -- last weekend? >> the foreign secretary set up the position absolutely in full in the house on monday, but let me say clearly that i take full responsibility for everything that my government do. >> i am grateful to the prime minister for saying that. i want to support him in libya when it -- wherever i can, but there is increasing concern about the government's competence on the issue. we have had the flights fiasco, talk of colonel gaddafi heading to venezuela when he was not, overblown briefing about potentially military action, and the setback last again. does the prime minister think that it is just a problem with the foreign secretary or is it a water problem in his government? >> i am not sure that i particularly want to take a lecture from labor about dealing with gaddafi and libya. the first thing that we should have from the labor party when it comes to libya, gaddafi, and megrahi is anf mcgraw h apology, which we still have not had. when it comes to this government's conduct, we have led
Mar 13, 2011 9:00pm EDT
and nothing useful to say about policing. >> mr. speaker, we know the government is out of touch and now we know it's incompetent as well. incompetent on libya and incompetent on policing. the prime minister may act like he is born to rule but the truth is he is not very good at this. >> the usual pre-scripted questions he dreamt up earlier. the fact is, has he got a reform plan for the nhs? no. has he got a police reform plan? has he got a plan to cut the deficit? they wonder going back to the former foreign secretary, no wonder the former foreign secretary has just said this. the left is losing elections on an unprecedented scale because it's lost control of the political agenda, it's losing key arguments and it has a deficit in ideas. that's what he said and he is absolutely right. >> would my right honorable friends join me in congratulating the people in suff ok who in less than a year have raised over 3 million pounds to build a new children's hospital. i think this is an example i would ask the community coming together supporting local project that makes a difference by these. >> do
Mar 28, 2011 12:00am EDT
and reinforced his view that a no- fly zone is right and that they support u.s. security council resolution 1973. in terms of concrete assets, i can confirm that yesterday, the qataris and deploy the first of their contribution, mirage aircraft and other support aircraft, and we will get logistic contributions from countries such as kuwait and jordan. because i had to act so quickly on saturday, it was not possible to bring forth as much air support as perhaps would have been welcomed by, i think everybody in this house. there's clear support from the secretary-general of those arab nations. i also had a meeting with the saudi foreign minister yesterday. i believe the support in the arab world for saving lives in libya is very strong. >> let me emphasize something that the prime minister said on monday, which is the importance of the contribution of arab countries to military operations. he also said there would be regular and more formal process with the arab league and others. it is very important that that process take place. let me ask him one other thing about our action. can the prime mini
Mar 27, 2011 9:00pm EDT
. that allows us to take all military measures to enforce a no-fly zone, and al take all action to protect military life. all targets should be in line with that. >> as my friend struggles to sort out the mess left by -- has my -- by the last rotten labor government would my right honorable friend take this opportunity to unite the house on health matters by praising the working of nurses in prostate cancer. i yield to no one in blaming the last government for all sorts of ill but blaming on this, i probably draw the line. my honorable friend raised a very important charity which is mary curry cancer and particularly the important work they do. it should be praised by everyone in this house. the whole point of what we want to do in terms of our health reforms is to involve great charities like that that do so much to help people across the country. >> she has focused now with her intention. does the prime minister think that the mayor elected on a political ticket who is -- should go back to the election in the true spirit and get their opinion on this?
Mar 9, 2011 7:00am EST
been met helping people with their heating bills. >> mr. david winick. >> no doubt gadhafi is using arms sold to him by british companies. would the prime minister now -- would the prime minister give an assurance of the house today that no military action will be taken as regards to libya without direction authorization from the united nations security council? >> first of all, what i discussed last night with president obama is making sure we plan for every eventuality including planning for a no-fly zone and everyone would want, if this does become necessary, would have the widest possible backing and that is why we're drafting a u.n. security council that plan and i think that's the thing to do. >> thank you, mr. speaker. it's no secret that council tax doubled under the last government. in my constituency, both local councils sell the district are freezing council tax this year. can the prime minister tell me and the house how many other councils have chosen to help hard-pressed council taxpayers? >> well, i'm delighted to say a huge number of councils have done it. i think it
Mar 2, 2011 7:23am EST
for compensation for the ira victims of libyan that state-sponsored terrorism, can the prime minister give us an assurance that before normalization of relations with libya under new regime that this outstanding matter of compensation will be addressed by the government not the at least perhaps by the use of gadhafi's assets seized in britain. >> i thank the honorable gentleman about the police in northern ireland we think it's vital that we work hard that the security situation is as good as it can be. in terms of what said of compensation to victims of terror, there's a unit that is still working on that issue and i think it's vitally important they go on doing that. clearly it's an ingenuous idea to use the frozen assets in this way. i think the first use -- those assets really do belong to the libyan people. and i think the whole problem with libya it is a rich country with poor people and i think we can see that in terms of the extensive assets that have been frozen and those assets belong to the libyan people first and foremost. >> ensuring local residents will see exactly how their cou
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13